Due to problems with MAL the data on this site may temporarily be inaccurate or outdated.


What is this site?

On this site you can check and compare the ratings for different anime, but all the scores are 100% made by redditors. Some fancy scripts check the user flairs from everyone who commented on /r/anime in the past week.
This site is not meant as a replacement for MAL. It's merely an easy way to show the data in an organized way.

How are the scores calculated?

Just like they are calculated on MAL.
Since there are around 1000 times more users on MAL than here, a few things had to be adjusted: The minimum amount of users required to get a calculated score is 10 instead of 50. And the number in the formula that pushes the scores closer to the overall-average for a lower number of users is 2 (same number as the minimum on MAL, so 50 there). Simply dividing the numbers by 1000 doesn't work and by keeping them as they are a lot of shows don't get a score, so this appears to be the best solution.

What does "Active Users" mean?

An Active User is a User who commented on /r/anime in the previous week before the last update.

Why is the MAL-Average different between the All-Time-View and Weekly-View?

The database only contains shows which were watched by at least 1 user. Since there are fewer users in the Weekly-View the average will often be higher, because the amount of obscure shows is lower.

When does the site update?

Every monday! The script starts at sunday and finishes sometime on monday.

How can I support this site?

There is a donate button at the bottom of each page. Running this site creates some costs for me, so every help is greatly appreciated. If you donate more than $1 and put your reddit username in the donation message, your username will then be marked on the whole website!

Do you like my waifu?

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January 2018

- Added favourite characters to the site

February 2017

- Restructured the database. Load times are way faster now.
- The site is not down anymore when it\'s updating.
- Added a button to show only seasonal anime.
- Added a "Score over time" chart to the anime page.
- You can now use synonyms to search for anime! (e.g. "The Tatami Galaxy" instead of "Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei")
- User site now shows the last scan a user was found in. In other words: The last time he commented on reddit.
- Anime with special charaters like " in the title are now working correctly.
- Fixed the Difference-Colors.
- Lots of bugfixes and other improvements

April 2016

- First version of the site is online.

FAQ and Changelog was made by /u/Jimboom7. Suggestions and Feedback are welcome!
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